The Eastern Paradise

Many of us have already travelled to Thailand and we have a clear picture of what this multifaceted country has to offer, but some people still haven't experienced Thailand up close. Even if you haven't been to Thailand it's quite possible that you have a clear picture about what Thailand is like, no one escapes the never ending flow of pictures of milky white beaches, the ever shifting green and blue colours of the sea, the smiling people and the woods and bamboos mixed up with colourful decorations in hotels, homes and even restaurants. Not to mention all the verdicts of friends and family member's experiences...

Everybody loves Thailand, there's very little about this nation not to adore. It's easy to get to Thailand; to find comfortable accommodation at reasonable rates; it's easy to travel about the country and it's very easy to fall in love in - or with - it. 

This, relatively small, South East Asian country has many inhabitants and very much to offer its visitors. Even though it's an extremely popular holiday destination there are many unexploited areas and loads of authenticity left to keep you interested and wanting to come back for more. Thailand is, after all, far more than the picture perfect beaches, a warming sun and a welcoming atmosphere in places like Phuket, Krabi and Koh Lanta. Thailand also offers big city life in Bangkok, jungle adventures and excursions to remote villages in the Northern mountains. You can dive, climb, hike and ride- you can practically do anything you ever dreamed of in Thailand! 

At its best when our winter is at its worst

Thailand's climate is tropical with periods of heavy rainfall. In the northern parts of the country the seasons are divided into three different ones, all according to the Monsoon:

  1. The hot season between March and May 
  2. The rainy season between June and October
  3. The cool season between November and February 

In the more touristic areas of the south you can't really claim there to be more than two seasons, the rainy one during our summer months; and the dry one which occurs during the European winter. No matter what season we're talking about temperatures rarely drop under 30 degrees Celsius, so the "cool" season isn't exactly what we northerners refer to as cool. 

Generally speaking, one could say that the best period to visit Thailand is when our winter is at its worst - November to March. This is, however, also the busiest time for tourism (i.e. more people, higher prices, less availability etc.), peaking around Christmas and New Year. 

So much to see and do

There are many attractions and must-sees in Thailand and it's difficult to have time for it all during a single holiday - that depends of course on how long your holidays are. All travellers have different needs and desires; while some only want to spend their days lazing on the beaches sipping on exotic cocktails, others want to visit temples and national parks, go diving in the coral reefs or hiking in the mountains, take part in wild full-moon parties or perhaps live it big in Bangkok. 

Hospitality is a big thing in Thailand. There is probably no other nation that can offer such a high level of genuine hospitality - it's definitely one of the reasons for why we love this country so much. Everywhere you go welcoming, warm smiles and humble generosity meets and greets you - especially if you travel with children. 


The adventurer has many fruits to reap in Thailand. This country offers splendid opportunities to finally get that diving certificate you have been dreaming of and dive among sea turtles, dolphins, sharks and colourful fish. If you can't be bothered with the diving certificate you can join in on snorkel adventures which is almost just as exciting. 

Other adventures on offer are jungle hikes, visits to remote mountain villages, cave exploration, fossil searching, rock climbing and bungee jumping - not to mention all the beach water sports. The possibilities are endless, your holidays in Thailand will be what you make of them.

The best cuisine in the world

No holidays are complete without delicious food. Another treat in Thailand is the Thai cuisine. Nowhere else in the world are the tastes, smells, textures and colours so well balanced as in Thailand; eating Thai food is an experience for all the senses! Thai food is often spicy because of the chilli that was introduces to Thailand several centuries ago, but sensitive taste buds can always ask to get a milder version of the dish he or she desires. 

In Thai cuisine the balance between sweet, salty, sour, spicy and bitter notes is the main focus. Common ingredients are coconut milk, lemon grass, curries, lime and vegetables of many different kinds. When it comes to meat chicken and sea food is more common than pork and beef. Rice and noodles compliment most meals.

Anyone who wants to learn how to cook some of the most popular Thai dishes can join in on a cooking course - there is a high demand on these courses so there are usually many different ones to choose from.

The perfect destination

There is so much to say about Thailand, the Eastern Paradise, but no words can give a perfect picture of this amazing country - it has to be experienced!

You get huge value for your money and you won't miss a thing. It's safe, comfortable, exciting, beautiful, friendly - and tasty! It's no mystery as to why Thailand is such a popular holiday destination, and if you haven't experienced Thailand yet, it's definitely about time that you do.