The seasons

Thailand offers big geological variations so when discussing the country’s climate one has to bear in mind that the north can be quite different from the south. Having said that Thailand offers tropical climate, with everything that brings in form of high humidity levels temperatures all year round, plus a fair amount of rainfall. Things such as minus degrees, snow and ice are unheard of here.

There are three seasons in the northern parts of Thailand: 

  1. The hot
  2. The wet
  3. The cool

In the south three seasons become two: the wet and the dry, with temperatures not changing much at all. During the worst winter months in Europe Thailand offers dry, sunny weather, which is why it is such a perfect escape destination. 

The Monsoon

When we enjoy whatever summer we can get up here in the North, Thailand welcomes the heavy Monsoon rains that are absolutely vital for the country’s survival. The Monsoons commence around July and they last until approximately October, some variations occur depending on where in Thailand you are. During the Monsoons floods are common and the humidity levels are sky high. It is not particularly pleasant in Thailand during this time of the year, but the rains are absolutely vital and widely celebrated. The Northern parts of Thailand are particularly exposed during the Monsoons. 


The central and southern parts of Thailand enjoy stabile temperatures of 30-40oC throughout the year. It gets a little bit cooler than that in the mountain regions of the north, but one could never say that it ever gets cold in Thailand. It gets really wet, but never cold. 

Thailand’s peaking when we are freezing

Undeniably, Thailand is a perfect destination to head off to during the freezing winter months of the Northern Hemisphere. When our days are dark, cold, wet and gloomy the sun shines tirelessly over the paradise islands of Thailand, and the warm, turquoise sea with its coral reefs and impressive flora and fauna thrives. The best time to visit Thailand for a perfect sunny holiday is between November and March.