Thailand is often called The land of smiles and whenever you will get a chance to visit this friendly country, unless you already have, you will understand why. Wherever you turn in Thailand warm, generous smiles meet and greet you – it’s one of the many reasons why it’s so easy to love this place.

There is so much to see and do in Thailand, usually your interests guide the way. The beach life is a main attraction – of course – but there is far more to enjoy. 

The Grand Palace in Bangkok

Few people travel to Thailand only for its grand palaces or holy temples – these sites are usually just a big advantage. When long, lazy days on beautiful beaches start feeling a bit weary an excursion to a stunning old building is a perfect break. Most Thailand travellers like to spend a few days in Bangkok before heading back home, or upon arrival, and the main tourist attraction in Bangkok, apart from night life and shopping, is the Grand Palace. This huge palace leaves its visitors breathless and in awe. Included in the palace are impressive relics, magnificent colonnades and the holy temple of the Emerald Buddha – Wat Phra Kaeo.

Magical Koh Phi Phi

Sure, The Phi Phi Islands are painfully popular and usually over crowded by tourists, but it is for a good reason. The Koh Phi Phi islands are so beautiful and until this day completely uninhabited. You will get a chance to see monkeys on Monkey Beach; rent kayaks and paddle around the islands; take a guided boat tour; dive, snorkel and witness slow sunsets unlike any other.Sunday evening in Chiang Mai – a culinary adventure 

Sunday evening in Chiang Mai – a culinary adventure

Food could definitely be called one of the main attractions in Thailand, it’s so clean and rich in flavours. In Chiang Mai a food market is set up every Sunday evening. At this market you can purchase all kinds of foods out of charming little food stands, and the prices are ridiculously low. Crab Cake is a specialty you’ll have to try and as a roundup have a fried banana or a fresh fruit shake. 

Other things available at the Chiang Mai market are fabrics, soaps, incense, musical instruments and souvenirs of all kinds. 

Khao Yai National Park

In Thailand elephants are sacred. You can partake in a group adventure to Khao Yak National Park and hike through the jungles in company with elephants – it’s a magical experience! Seeing elephants up close in their natural habitat; to get a chance to feed them and spend real quality time with them, is an experience of a life time. These giants are very humble and intelligent.

During a visit to Khao Yai you will also encounter wild monkeys, exotic birds, stunning waterfalls and much, much more. 

Sukhothai & Ayutthaya

Sukhothai is one of Thailand’s ancient capitals. Today Sukhothai is possibly most interesting from a photographer’s point of view, or for someone who highly appreciates beautiful historical sites, as the many views of the old city are absolutely spectacular. This ancient city is on UNESCO:s World Heritage list and quite a lot of money has been invested on various conservation programs.

Ayutthaya is another one of Thailand’s ancient cities containing numerous romantic views and pretty ruins, this was also Thailand’s capital city once. If you are in Bangkok, you reach Ayutthaya quick and easy by bus and it’s well worth the journey!

Diving and snorkelling

If you love diving, and already have entered the big underwater fan club, can jump right into the mesmerizing waters of Thailand. If diving attracts you, but you haven’t yet experienced the feeling of breathing several metres under the surface you have a golden opportunity to try it out during your stay here. The Andaman sea is warm and offers a spectacular scenery among corals, colourful fish and exciting sea creatures like turtles and dolphins. There are numerous PADI-centres in all touristic destinations of Thailand.

If you prefer splashing about on sea level snorkelling might be just as exciting, minus all the fuss. You get to see many interesting things equipped only with a mask and snorkel and it’s easy to learn a few tips and tricks from more experienced snorkelers on location. 

The opportunities to leave the islands and head out on diving- and snorkelling adventures are uncountable, it’s well appreciated and something you definitely shouldn’t miss during your holidays.