Bangkok - The City of Angels

Prepare yourself to be seduced

Bangkok is a very hot place, in so many senses. It is a busy city with people from all over the world sharing the streets. The heavy air pollution lay as a numbing duvet over the place even though the government is trying hard to keep it down. Bangkok is noisy and crowded with neon lights and cheap bling… but that’s just the surface

Anyone who has really experienced Bangkok knows that the city is so much more than its surface and once you get a real taste of her, you will never forget her. There is something enchanting about Bangkok and the food, the smells, the temples and the colourful markets seduces you in a way that leaves you completely powerless. 

Few people can endure Bangkok for weeks on end, but during a trip to Thailand Bangkok should definitely be a pit stop. Experience the pulse, the passion and the enormousness that is Bangkok! 


It is fair to say that it is the sharp contrasts that make Bangkok so exciting and interesting. Bangkok is a little bit like a schizophrenic seductress flipping between heaven and hell around each new corner. The huge shopping malls rise like futuristic Colosseums next to several hundred-year-old, picturesque teak houses; gold plated temples share the same space with cheap, plastic-fantastic, neon-blinking shops; the loud, stressed, steaming, smelly traffic jams take place at the same time as the peaceful rowing boats glide up and down the Chao Phraya River… Bangkok has her eyes on the future, but carry an incredible legacy from the past

You get a lot done in just a few days

As long as you can handle the heat in Bangkok it’s easy to collect many experiences here. This city has so much to offer in all categories: culture, nature, history, shopping and night-life, and getting up and close with the Bangkok citizens is a valuable experience in itself. The Thai people are known for their hospitality and sunny smiles and that goes for the capital residents as well. 

Scents and tastes

In a city of Bangkok’s magnitude, it’s impossible to completely escape stinky quarters, but if you plan your route a little you can make sure to spend your time on streets where the scents from the food-stalls will make your taste buds continuously beg for some fun. If you’re interested in food Bangkok is paradise, there is an abundance of amazing scents and tastes in countless corners of the city


It is not a secret that Bangkok is a kind of Mecca for shopping enthusiasts. What is not available on the market here doesn’t exist. Whether you prefer buying local treasures at the colour bursting markets or expensive brand-items in air-conditioned malls doesn’t matter. If you’re planning a longer vacation in Thailand it’s recommended to place your shopping spree in Bangkok at the end of it to avoid carrying extra weight during your leisure time. 

Close to relaxation

The paradise locations in Thailand, where you find blissful environments for relaxation and recreation, are many - Bangkok is not one of them. However, relatively close there are some great spots for beach life to break off the intense city days with. Just jump on a bus and escape! 

Treat yourself to at Bangkok visit - you will not be disappointed.