Phuket - Attractions

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the Thai version of boxing - but it allows you to use kicking, kneeing, elbowing and other, way more hard-core methods, to beat your opponent. It’s a tough sport to say the least. But it is also a sport embraced by lots of honour and fairness, the discipline among the fighters is military like. 

In Phuket, close to Patong beach, there is a special stadium called Soi Sai Namyen where adrenaline provoking games are held on a regular basis. Don’t miss out (unless you find fighting as a concept somewhat disturbing)! 

Simon Cabaret

Thailand is well known for its glitzy-glammy ladyboy cabarets and the Simon Cabaret is Phuket’s biggest and most spectacular one - one you definitely don’t want to miss. The contrast between the adrenaline-pumping, sweaty Muai Thai fighters and the feminine ladyboy extraordinaire dancers is remarkable and it gives to show the diversity of this amazing country where most things aren’t just accepted, but embraced. 

Old Phuket Town

Sure, maybe Phuket isn’t first on the list of holiday places if you are looking to explore the real Thailand, but to get a break from the noise and the over exploited tourist traps of Patong and similar places, a visit to Old Phuket town is a great idea. 

This old town offers beautiful architecture in an interesting mix of colonial and Chinese - both equally fascinating! It is quite a sleepy town, but around some corners you are in for a surprise in the shape of a funky boutique or a lovely little restaurant. 

Don’t forget the camera! 

Big Buddha

On the southern-most tip of Phuket, you get a great view over the Big Buddha statue. It is made out of white stone and rises an impressive 45 metres towards the sky. The Big Buddha watches over Chalong Bay, Kata and Rawai. 

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is a holy temple and the cultural and spiritual centre of Phuket, loved and honoured by the Phuket locals. Thousands of visitors come to admire Wat Chalong every year and they are always amazed by its glass decorations creating infinite reflections. It is a remarkably beautiful temple… 

At festive holidays and celebrations fairs are organised at Wat Chalong. If you happen to visit Phuket during such an event, you shouldn’t miss out. It is a great chance to taste some local delicacies and shop away on souvenirs. 

View points

Phuket offers many beautiful view points on a variation of themes like sunsets, sunrises, the Big Buddha or the Phi-Phi islands. If you like taking photographs, or maybe paint nature scenery you should definitely arrange a little view-point road trip. 

Places not to miss: 

  1. The Promthep point for grand sunsets
  2. The Kata viewpoint
  3. The Radar Hill viewpoint
  4. The Panwa viewpoint for a breath-taking panoramic view over all of South and East Phuket 

Phang Nga Bay

This bay, with its toung-twisting name, is unique in many ways. Coming here feels like stepping in to fairy land - or even better. If you appreciate beautiful sceneries you cannot miss this. Amazing limestone cliffs and emerald waters makes butterflies go bananas in the heart region, it is an experience you will never forget. 

Diving and snorkelling

There are numerous places for snorkelling as well as for diving on Phuket. Wherever there is a calm bay there are great chances to see some interesting things underwater. The coral reeves at Patong are easy to access but if you are a snorkelling enthusiast you should go on a snorkelling day trip to see some different locations. 

If you want to go diving, or maybe learn how to dive, there are many diving clubs and -schools on the island. You could ask at your hotel or just keep your eyes open when strolling around at your destination - they are easy to find. 


If you enjoy life out at sea you might want to go yacht cruising or even sailing during your time on Phuket. Lucky for you Phuket is something of a boating paradise. You can rent a boat at several different locations, or you can join in on an organised cruise. 

There are also regular regattas organised here, don’t miss out on the fun!