Phuket - Beaches

The primary reason why so many absolutely love Thailand is the country’s beautiful beaches in combination with the wonderful, warm climate. All the shades of greens and blues; the embracing temperature; the crystal clear waters and the friendly shores - it is an incredibly welcoming place to be

On Phuket you have to share the beaches with many other fans and as long as you are fine with that it’s all good. If you find it challenging to relax and enjoy your holiday when there is a fair bit of commotion going on around you then Phuket perhaps isn’t your best choice, or at least stay away from the most popular beaches. 

You’ll find parasols, sunbeds and water activities as well as plenty of snack bars at all of Phuket’s beaches - it’s a convenient detail. 


Patong - the mother beach of all beaches - and the place where everything once started, and continue to happen. The interest for Patong continues to grow year by year, new businesses open every season. 

What is it that makes Patong so appealing? The beach is long, wide and white - it has all the popular attributes. Much of it is covered by sunbeds, umbrellas and lots and lots of people and Patong City offers the best shopping and nightlife in - possibly - all of Thailand

Patong used to be a little fishing village which is very hard to imagine these days. 


If you continue south from Patong on the west coast of Phuket you will soon arrive to Karon Beach. This is the number two favourite holiday destination for tourists on Phuket. If you enjoy diving or snorkelling, or just a little bit less hustle and bustle then Karon might be the perfect choice for you. You will not miss out on your fair share of shopping alternatives, nice restaurants, bars and nightlife, even if the general picture doesn’t quite compare with Patong. 


Kata Beach is located south of Karon. Whoever travels to Phuket in the company of children usually end up loving Kata more than any of the other beaches. This is a lovely bay surrounded by lovely lush greeneries. The beach is beautiful with fine sand and shallow waters. It is a perfect place for play time as well as relaxation. In Kata town you will find everything you need in terms of food places, banks, shops and accommodation.

Chalong Bay

The above mentioned beach trio Patong-Karon-Kata are all well-known places among Phuket’s holiday makers, but there are other gems. If you enjoy sailing or yachting, you shouldn’t miss Chalong Bay. There is no pretty beach to talk about but the rest of the place is magnificent. It’s usually quite packed with boats during the early mornings and late afternoons but it’s definitely worth a visit! 


Speaking of well kept secrets, Kamala is located north of Patong and offers a tranquil environment as oppose to most of the other alternatives on Phuket. This little bay might be Phuket’s best kept little secret, a gem, well protected by its fans. Life has a slower pace here, the people are less and the green landscape is captivating. The hotels are small and picturesque as mass tourism still hasn’t found its way here. Let’s hope it stays like that. 

Nai Yang & Nai Thon

Nai Yang and Nai Thon are twin beaches on the north coast of Phuket. The hotels are few and there is no night life to talk about. This is the place to go for real relaxation

These beaches are part of a Nature Reserve and Nai Yang beach is the place where sea turtles come to lay their eggs