Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an island located off the east coast of Thailand’s mainland. The closest city on the mainland is Suratthani. Koh Samui is a rather large island, actually the country’s second largest, consisting of 250 square kilometres of land. Having said that, it doesn’t take more than one hour to drive around the whole island. A common nickname for Koh Samui is Coconut Island because of the many picturesque Coconut palm trees that endearingly frame the beautiful beaches, giving them that typical paradise feel we all love so much. There are approximately fifty thousand permanent residents on Koh Samui and the island’s largest town is called Na Thon

A big time favourite

What makes Koh Samui so special? Thailand is a special country at large, anywhere you turn your head you find terrific post card views and each part of the nation offers unique thrills. The Koh Samui fan club always mention the mystical lagoons with their beautiful waterfalls as this specific island’s unique treat. 

What Koh Samui is most known for is more or less the same thing as all of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations - the long, powdery, white beaches with their clear waters shifting in all imaginable blue and green shades; the warm temperatures and the hospitable, ever smiling people. In Koh Samui everything is very well polished than other Thailand destinations which attracts travellers with slightly higher standards and bigger spending budget. 

On Koh Samui the best way to spend your days is at a slow pace - enjoying long walks by the water’s edge, sipping drinks under a parasol, reading books while listening to the sound of gentle waves rolling in, swimming in the caressing waters and possibly - some days - going for an adventure diving, snorkelling, hiking or visiting the inland alternatively the main land. 

Returning from your holidays to Koh Samui your energy tank will be full and your mood at an all-time high - a more relaxing and fulfilling place is hard to find

Koh Samui’s popularity on a constant increase

Koh Samui has been on the tourist’s map over paradise destinations for quite a long time already, but it still increases its number of visitors every year. More and more people discover, and fall in love with, Koh Samui and once you’ve sat your foot here you are quite likely to return. 

Thailand is a giant when it comes to holiday favourites - that’s for certain - and there’s no sign for that to change, as a matter of fact quite the contrary! It’s not difficult to understand why though, anyone who wants a pleasant climate, friendly people, decent accommodation and marvellous food, plus some interesting culture, world class beaches and adventure possibilities - and a buzzing night life - will find it all in Thailand. There’s absolutely nothing to miss! On Koh Samui there is a pleasant balance between tourism and genuine local life which is very attractive. 

Koh Samui might seem a tad fancier than other popular Thailand destinations which attracts visitors on a slightly bigger budget. If you can pay some extra Bahts for a nicer room and fancier restaurants Koh Samui is a destination as good as any. In return you get to walk on streets empty of trash and you get the possibility to eat at restaurants recognized internationally. A thin, shimmery air of lux seems to embrace Koh Samui, but not to any ridiculous extent at all. On the back streets and beyond the beaches you will find genuine Thailand, cheap food stands and holy, Buddhist temples. The southern parts of Koh Samui arre also a little bit more down to earth. 

Everything - and more

In an attempt to sum up what Koh Samui has to offer, and what makes his island stand out among all other, one could say that by visiting Koh Samui you get to enjoy everything that Thailand has to offer on a concentrated surface. Now even if that’s not completely true, there is some sense to it. Anyone who wants to experience many things during their holiday in Thailand, but is not keen on travelling any big distances, makes a perfect choice by booking their holiday on Koh Samui. 

You can stretch out under your parasol conveniently close to a bar that serves drinks and snacks, and stay there for the full holiday. Or you can combine these lovely, lazy days with days of more excitement. Go hiking in the lush jungle; go diving in the coral reeves; take a boat trip or visit the waterfalls - or party the nights away… Koh Samui is an island for all ages and preferences

Easy to get to

When traveling to Koh Samui you usually make a stop in Bangkok from where you continue by either airplane or bus plus ferry from Suratthani. There are also flights to Koh Samui from Phuket. The transportations in Thailand are reliable and comfortable so getting from one place to another is usually easy. 

Book your stay in time! 

Due to increased popularity it’s highly recommended that you book your trip and stay to Koh Samui well in advance. All the best spots fill up quickly