Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and if you are somewhat experienced when it comes to Thailand you might wonder why Phuket is not called Koh Phuket since Koh is a very common prefix for island names, meaning - not particularly surprisingly - island. Koh was probably not added to the name since Phuket doesn’t feel much like an island due to its size and proximity to the mainland. 

An island the size of a small nation

Phuket, located just off the west coast of Thailand, is 49 km long and 21 km wide and you never really feel like you are surrounded by water. Phuket’s nickname is The pearl of the Andaman Sea and is a beloved place for holiday makers from all over the globe. Phuket Airport is a big national hub, so don’t be surprised if you land directly on the island the next time you come for a visit. 

Liked by all

Some of Phuket’s beaches have made quite a reputation for themselves, we are mainly talking about Patong - the city of sin - but also about the beautiful Karon and Kata beaches. On Phuket you are free to be whoever you want to be, you can embrace all your oddities and no one will question you - for many Phuket is a kind of haven. There is - however - a lot of noise and commotion on Phuket, it’s not the place to go if you’re looking for peace and quiet. 

Experience, eat, drink and shop 

When it comes to luxury and high quality as well as budget alternatives it’s fair to say you’ll find anything on Phuket, but it’s a popular place making its fortunes on mass tourism so in some places you are bound to pay well pumped up prices. On other islands, as well as on the mainland, you’ll often encounter friendlier price tags. 

It’s a little bit more expensive, and a little louder, but in some parts also a bit better updated. Phuket is a little bit more of everything. You’ll find luxurious spa hotels here as well as fancy restaurants, but also basic hostels and McDonalds. 

If you come to Phuket with the ambition to go shopping berserk you will not be disappointed, but all traveller types will get their share of fun. The adventurer can spend the days engaging in water sports, snorkelling or scuba diving. It’s a flexible destination suitable for all ages

An easy choice

What many people are attracted by when it comes to Phuket as a holiday place is the simplicity that comes with it. It is easy to access and easy to be comfortable on Phuket. It is not particularly original, even though it offers plenty of beautiful corners, but it offers a lovely climate, perfect beaches and anything you can ask for in terms of entertainment, night life, food, drinks and shopping. If you’re fine with sharing your space with plenty of other people, then Phuket is a perfect holiday destination! 

For a more sophisticated globetrotter Phuket is not likely to impress, even if a short break for some wild nights usually don’t harm a dedicated backpacker. Families, young travellers as well as old will all be comfortable here and if the hustle and bustle on Patong gets too intense, there are other, quieter beaches to check out nearby.