Hua Hin - The Royal holiday place in Thailand

The King’s favourite since 1920

The Bangkok climate has always been pressing, especially during the summer months. Most people have to accept it and learn to live with it, but during the early 1920’s the Royal family, along with other parts of the Bangkok elite, decided that enough was enough - it was time to build a summer palace in a location not too far from the capital, but far enough to offer a pleasant escape from the heat and hustle and bustle of the big city. 

The choice of location fell on friendly Hua Hin, 200 km away from the big city, and along with the Royal summer palace a railroad and an impressive railway station were built in the village. There had to be a way from the Royalties to make a proper entrance to their holiday home! Several palaces were built, among them the Royal one, located beautifully by the sea. Still today this is where the Royal family comes to relax and charge their batteries. 

Soon everyone’s favourite

During the 1980’s the luxury hotels started popping up and tourists from abroad realised what a gem Hua Hin was, conveniently close to Bangkok. The international chains are well-established in Hua Hin today - it has become a place that offers a rare mix of city pulse and lazy paradise. The middle class and up of Bangkok love to spend their weekends in Hua Hin, as well as holiday makers from all over the world. 

Anyone out to make their holidays a mixture of big city life in Bangkok along with sun & sea, Hua Hin is a perfect choice. You get som city-vibes already in Hua Hin, without it getting too intense. This former fishing village has class. 

Sun, sea, golf, food, night life…

… Hua Hin has it all!

You who enjoy golfing; snorkelling or diving; water sports; delicious food; shopping; dancing; yoga or treating yourself to spa experiences, you will all find what you look for in Hua Hin - the complete holiday resort! 

Many people from colder parts of the world have chosen to settle down in Thailand after retirement and Hua Hin is one of the favourite places; it’s friendly and simple, and close to Bangkok’s well-trafficked airport. 

Book your holidays to Hua Hin and experience its splendour, you won’t regret it!