Hua Hin - Eat & Drink

Thai food

Thai food is world famous and often included when gourmet food is up for discussion. Thai food isn’t about letting ingredients simmer for hours but quite the opposite; it’s fast and hot and precise. The fresh vegetables are of excellent quality and often combined with rice and/or noodles. Sea food and chicken are the main meat products in Thai dishes but they are mostly vegetarian. 

When it comes to flavours Thai food is certainly rich, the country is known for serving hot, spicy dishes with loads of chili. The chili arrived in Thailand about 4-500 years ago, before that the Thai dishes were a lot less spicy. Coconut milk, ginger, lime, lemongrass and nuts of different types are also very common ingredients, as well as a variety of curries. 

 Even if the preparation of Thai dishes is a quick process it doesn’t mean it’s an easy one, quite the contrary - it takes both knowledge, experience and precision to get it just right. Attending to cooking classes is quite a popular experience among tourists in Thailand.


If you cross the road at the Night Market you will find the Hua Hin Koti which is a Thai-Chinese restaurant and a favourite among both locals and visitors. Fried crab rolls or shrimp soup with lemongrass, what makes your taste buds water more? This is a popular restaurant so you might need to wait a while for a free table. 

Then there is Jek Pia Coffee Shop, so much more than just a coffee shop. This is a 50-year-old restaurant that offers a culinary experience out of this world! The specialty here is stir-fried seafood. Again, come early and be prepared to wait for a table - but it is so worth it! 

If your favourite is noodles you have to visit Jae Siam. This is an open-air restaurant with noodles as their specialty. You will never try better noodles anywhere in the world! 

The market food

Having a quiet dinner at a nice restaurant is lovely, but going out on the streets, trying local dishes from the local food stalls offer a different, but equally exciting culinary experience. Don’t be surprised if you will try your absolute favourite food from a food stall at a market.