Koh Samui - Attractions

The Big Buddha 

On the Northern coast of Koh Samui the island’s main land mark is found - and it’s impossible to miss. A twelve-metre-high, golden Buddha statue decorates the edge and can be seen from far away distances. This statue is dearly loved by the locals and they honour it with great intensity. 

The Golden Buddha is surrounded by a holy temple filled with shrines of different sorts. As a sharp contrast there’s a little market place in the temple area where tourists can buy souvenirs as well as little goodies to eat. 

The Na Muang Waterfalls 

The Na Muang Waterfalls are well known to all who have ever visited Koh Samui, they are this island’s special treat! Na Muang is the name of the pinkish cliffs surrounding the mystical waterfalls and their fairy-tale lagoons. To get access to Na Muang 1 you climb down the natural cliff staircase. The dip in the lovely little lagoon is the highlight of the excursion! 

You get to Na Muang 2 after a ten-minute walk from Na Muang 1 and if you thought Na Muang 1 was impressive, Na Muang 2 will leave you breathless; you’ll expect to meet up with Tinkerbell and all her friends

Hin Ta & Hin Yai

On the Koh Samui strip between Lamai and Hua Thanon two remarkable cliff formations can be seen. These two formations have the shape of the male and female genitalia and attract people from far away distances. It’s as if nature has played a trick on humanity; they are well worth a visit! 

Ang Thong 

On Koh Samui there is a marine reserve called Ang Thong. This area is well protected and contains numerous interesting sea species - both plants and animals. The Ang Thong archipelago is actually made out of 42 little islands with dense jungles, impressive lime stone cliffs, powdery beaches, magical waterfalls and hidden caves. The diversity of Ang Thong is remarkable and it’s extremely satisfying to know that the area is being so well protected. Whoever enjoys nature will love to visit Ang Thong - the perfect place also for whoever likes photography. 

The mummified monk at Wat Khunaram 

There are several mummified monks on Koh Samui but the best preserved is Luang Pordaeng at display in the temple of Wat Khunaram. Mr. Pordaeng died in 1973 and had prior to his death given detailed instructions on how to preserve his body to avoid decay. If they succeeded, he wished for his survivors to put his body on display to the common crowds as a reminder of the Great Buddha’s teachings. The mummy is to this day still in a very good condition, placed in a glass case in the same sitting position in which the monk had died - meditating.

The Samui Aquarium

In the Samui Aquarium you get a chance to see a wide range of sea life as well as tigers, birds and other exotic creatures; it is much more than just an aquarium. It’s an appreciated attraction, especially among children. 

Ladyboy Cabarets

The ladyboy cabarets is a popular and well-established phenomenon in Thailand. Western people are usually quite unfamiliar with the ladyboy concept - transgender persons - but it’s both spread and well tolerated throughout Thailand. A ladyboy show usually contains heaps of glitter, glam, dance and music - it’s a real treat and something you shouldn’t miss.

The Secret Buddha Garden

The Secret Buddha Garden is located in the lush valleys of inland Koh Samui. It was farmer Nim Thongsuk who created this garden of statues in the year 1976. Enjoy breath-taking views over the rich landscape and let the unusual collection of statues in this remarkable jungle environment let your imagination travel to places it’s never been before.