Hua Hin - Attractions

Hua Hin is not a place to have a dull time, there is so much to see and do here apart from the traditional beach and night life activities. Go golfing; shopping or spa:in; or go on spectacular sight-seeing. There are attractions of high historical and cultural value in Hua Hin

The Railway station

We have mentioned the old railway station in several other texts, and there is a good reason. This railway station was built almost a century ago, under King Rama VI:s demand, and it is located just off the city centre. This railway station is a pleasure for the senses, it is so beautiful! The exquisite, Victorian-inspired, wooden buildings have been painted in daring colours, it’s easy to feel the wings of history when standing here. The railway from Bangkok is still being used and arriving to Hua Hin via this train station gives you an entrance worthy a king or queen. 

The Royal Summer Palace

Like so many other things in Hua Hin, the Royal Summer Palace was built during the early 1920’s, the boom time of Hua Hin. King Rama VI had this wonderful palace built to be his family’s summer retreat. An Italian architect drew the design that includes a lot of balconies and pathways. One passage leads straight down to the sea; it’s not hard imagining your life as a Thai Royalty when viewing this lovely palace that is still being used by the Royal family for holiday escapes. 

The Phraya Nakhon cave

The Phraya Nakhon cave is one of the world’s most mystical and magical places. Being located in a spot that is very hard to reach, the cave doesn’t get too many visits, which is good. Inside the cave lies a golden pavilion with green details - it is a sight that seems snitched from a fantasy fairy-tale. 


  • The Venezia Hua Hin
    The Venezia Hua Hin is one of the city’s newest and most popular theme parks including a huge shopping stretch in a Venice inspired environment. Instead of visiting a normal, boring mall for your shopping, try this one, where you take gondolas between the boutiques. It is much more fun! 
  • The Santorini Park Cha-Am
    The Santorini Park Cha-Am was the first of the theme park shopping areas, a concept soon imitated by various other centres. This theme park is inspired by the Greek islands; the buildings are whitewashed and decorated with blue window shutters, and the streets are uneven stone paths. There is plenty of boutiques here, as well as entertainment for young and old.
  • The Plearn Wan Shopping Village
    This open-air mall gives you a museum feel rather than a shopping mall feel. Stepping in through these doors makes you feel like stepping into a time-machine bringing you back to the 1950’s. Everything from interior design to boutique decor is inspired by this era. 


  • The Night Market
    Most Thai tourist destinations have night markets and Hua Hin is no exception. In central Hua Hin, between Petchkasem Road and the railway, this market comes to life after nightfall. Buy all your typical souvenirs here, and try some local foods from the food stalls. 
  • The Cicada Market
    As opposed to the night market where you mostly find cheap, kitschy stuff, in the Cicada Market you will find a great selection of art, handicraft - and a relaxed atmosphere. All artistic talent in the area is concentrated to this market and the vibe is wonderful! Listen to some live music or visit an ambient beer garden. This is a place to fall in love.