Bangkok - Cuisine

Thai food

The food in Thailand rarely needs much of an introduction, it has made a name for itself all around the globe and when talking of gourmet food Thai elements are quite often involved. Most people have a general idea of what Thai food is and generally people love it. 

To give a little taste of what Thai food is I believe words like spicy, well-balanced, surprising, and extremely tasty are quite good words. 

A lot of the Thai food Is quick to prepare, but the cooking demands precision and experience to be successful. Eating in Bangkok is one of the highlights when visiting the city


The restaurants in Bangkok are uncountable so it’s impossible to make a short list of the best places. But for the sake of it we will offer you a small selection of some random, nice places to eat in Bangkok. 

  • Bangrak - A hip hang-out close to Silom with exceptional Thai food and a really cosy atmosphere
  • Kalpapruek - a nice place with good food and tranquil environment up on the 7th floor of the mall Central World 
  • Bamee Sawang - for the best noodle soup in Bangkok
  • Thip Samai - for the best Pad Thai in Bangkok 

Street food in Bangkok

Fancy restaurants in all honour, but it’s on the streets of Bangkok where the best food-experiences are to be found. Buying food from food stalls is cheap and often a fantastic culinary experience. It’s stimulation for all senses. 

It’s safe to say that the very best experiences when it comes to food in Thailand are to be found out in the streets, it’s a city filled to the brim with aromas and flavours. The best food stall are to be found in Chinatown, Old town, Sukhumvit and Silom & Sathorn. Dare to try some new dishes!