Koh Samui - Cuisine

Koh Samui is internationally renowned when it comes to food. This little island contains several of the world’s best restaurants and are run by ambitious, highly competent chefs. 

The Thai cuisine rarely needs any general presentation; most people are familiar with the amazing Thai food. It is aromatic, often spicy but always tremendously well-balanced and absolutely delicious and the secret is found in combining common raw foods in the perfect way. 

Popular restaurants

Fresh fish is an important part of Thai cuisine, apart from the obvious veggies, rice and noodles. It’s difficult to find fish dishes that taste better than those you get to try in Thailand, prepared by high ranked Koh Samui chefs. 

Some popular restaurants on Koh Samui are: 

  • The Boudoir
    This is a restaurant with a tremendous atmosphere, it feels like stepping in to a scene from the fairy tale A Thousand and One Nights. Mostly French food is served here - it’s really fancy and well worth a visit.
  • Barracuda Restaurant
    This restaurant is run by a German chef who combines the best traits from European and Asian cuisines. It’s fancy and tasty and at a decent price.
  • Café 69
    A trendy, colourful place. The welcoming air embraces you, it feels almost like stepping in to an old friend’s restaurant. The menu advertises Thai food with a twist - interesting!

Cheap food

People traveling on a tight budget should possibly consider other parts of Thailand before Koh Samui, but having said that there are some cheaper foods available here too. Fried Rice is found almost everywhere, it’s basic but tasty and fills an empty stomach well. 

Sensitive taste buds?

Thai food has a tendency to be rather spicy and even though you usually have the option to get your dish in a milder version (just ask the waiter), sometimes breaking off the culinary adventures with a meal at Mc Donald’s or Burger King feels like a nice option, especially when traveling with kids. There are also some pizzerias on Koh Lanta and several restaurants offer continental menus. 

The food is definitely one of Koh Samui’s many highlights!