Bangkok - Attractions

There are plenty of spectacular things waiting for you in Bangkok, this is a city to experience things in so save intended relaxation for the islands. The night life in Bangkok is famous all over the world but even someone whose interest lies in culture and history will have an abundance of things to do and see in Bangkok.

The temples

Some of the world’s most amazing Buddhist temples are located in Bangkok. They offer impressive handy-craft details, hoistorical relics and incredible views. Some of the temples are immaculately decorated, have your camera ready! 

Temples not to miss: 

  • Wat Prakeaw + Grand Palace
  • Wat Arun - Temple of Dawn 

Wat Prakeaw with its Grand Palace is one of the first places you hear about when searching for tourist info on Bangkok. Once you visit it you will understand what the hype is about - this place is like straight out of a fairy tale. Wat Prakeaw was built in 1782 and used to be the residence of the Royal Family for more than 150 years! The architecture is beyond this world… 

The temple of Dawn - Wat Arun (Wat means temple) - offers an astounding silhouette. This temple is at its prettiest at sawn and even though it is impressive enough from a distance, wait until you get close up! This temple has parts made of glazed porcelain - needless to say more

The Chao Phraya-river

The reason for why Bangkok is located where she is, is because of the Chao Phraya-river that offers a strategic super-point for both agriculture and trade. The traffic on the river is heavy these days but it doesn’t stop it from being interesting from a tourist point of view. You should definitely take a water taxi ride and admire the temples and other magnificent buildings along the shoreline.

The markets

In most cities around the world the markets are tourist highlights. In Asia the markets are filled to the brim with spices, colourful fabric and clothes, accessories, handicrafts and much, much more. If you visit Bangkok over a weekend you shouldn’t miss the Chatuchak Weekend Market - a festivity for all senses!

Another very interesting market is the floating market on the Chao Phraya river - this one is the prototype of all the floating markets over the globe. Small boats glide around, ten in a row, packed with goodies such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. Even if you don’t tend to buy anything this is a very satisfying market to have experienced.

Jim Thompsons Home & Museum

There is a house in Bangkok where a man called Jim Thomson used to live. Jim was a middle-aged man from America who had an enormous passion for South-East Asian art, culture and heritage. Jim spent 30 years of his life in Bangkok and was the person who introduced the Thai silk to the Western fashion houses. Jim Thompson disappeared in 1967 but his amazing property in Bangkok, containing all of his collections, is still there and open for visitors