Hua Hin - Facts

Four quickies

  1. Location: 200 km South of Bangkok
  2. Inhabitants: 85 000
  3. An old fishing village on the North part of the Malay peninsula
  4. The Royal Summer Palace is situated here 


The history of Hua Hin stretches much further back than the history of its name. In thd mid 1800’s, the Petchaburi province, neighbouring today’s Hua Hin, was afflicted with severe drought which made a large group of farmers leave their homes and search for new land to settle down on. They chose a spot where the sand was soft and white and where the fish was plenty, and they named their new village Samor Riang which means anchors in a row. Hua Hin started out as a fishing village and the traces from its past are still very much present. 

Hua Hin is known for being Thailand’s very first tourist location and the place where the Royal family, along with a big chunk of Thailand’s elite, prefers to spend their holidays. That fact along with the history as a poor fishing village creates sharp contrasts in Hua Hin - but they are pleasant contrasts

In 1921 the Railway Hotel was built, a stunning building. Today the hotel is called Sofitel Central and is well worth a visit even if it’s just for an outside glance. At the same time, they built the railway, leading straight down from Bangkok; the Railway Station and the eminent golf course. The early 1920’s was a time of great changes for Hua Hin. 

When you visit Hua Hin we truly recommend that you put aside a few hours for seeing all the old sights: The Sofitel Central; the Railway Station and the Royal Palace


The political situation in Thailand today is stable, compared to just a few years ago when there was a huge crisis which led to a military junta finally taking charge. This junta calls itself National Council for Peace and Order and still rules in Thailand - under peaceful circumstances. Thailand is a monarchy and has a king - the Royal family is deeply loved and respected. 


Tourism is a huge income source in Thailand, one of the nation’s biggest. Hua Hin is the Thailand Tourism’s cradle and still to this day immensely popular. The crème de la crème of Bangkok all choose Hua Hin for their holidays, the place has everything you might wish for: beauty, beaches, golf, entertainment, shopping and nightlife. In spite of a never ending expansion of Hua Hin the place manages to keep its genuineness, it captures your heart and it stays with you forever. 

Getting here and getting around

With its close proximity to Bangkok, getting to Hua Hin is a piece of cake. There are plenty of buses heading South and the ride doesn’t take more than a couple of hours. You can also reach Hua Hin by train or taxi. 

Once you reach Hua Hin you will have a choice among most of the same transportations as in the rest of Thailand: taxi, tuk-tuk, rental cars and MC:s or bus. The traffic is busy but clean and if you move around carefully there is not much need to worry.