Hua Hin - Beaches

The beautiful beaches of Thailand are uncountable and while some are easy enough to reach others are more remote. Swaying coconut palms, white sand between tanned toes and relaxed beach bars and bungalows for rent are some typical traits of the Thailand paradise. 

With that said, Hua Hin is not the typical Thailand paradise - it is so much more than that! In this place you get access to many things that the more remote destinations lack. You get beach life combined with modern city life and a cosmopolitan vibe in great harmony. Hua Hin is busy, but not trashed; it has grown into its fancy clothes over the span of almost a whole century and you get history, culture - and future - along with the sun and the sea. 

Hua Hin Beach

This is a very popular beach that attracts all kinds of holiday makers from families to retirees and young couples. The white, sandy beach is 5 km long and packed with accommodations facilities, restaurants and bars. It is clean, pretty and pleasant - a perfect place to wind down. Sunbathe, swim, run, walk, enjoy the spectacular sunsets, go horseback riding or kite-boarding, on Hua Hin Beach there is space for everything and everyone. 

Cha Am Beach

Cha Am is another very popular beach in the Hua Hin area, located 40 km from Phetchaburi. This beach strip is long and edged with beautiful trees

Laem Sala Beach

The traveller with higher ambitions, and without regards to some extra hustle to get to the right place, should definitely try Laem Sala Beach. This wonderful beach can only be reached on foot or by boat. There is space to set up camp, but there is also the usual bungalows and restaurants. 

Koh Singto

This island is often called Lion Island and is located almost 1 km off the Suan-Son coast. If you enjoy fishing, diving or snorkelling, don’t miss this place! There is also the option of sailing around Koh Singto, there are plenty of boats available for rent.