Bangkok - Climate


The seasons are divided into three in Bangkok: 

  1. The hot season
  2. The rainy season
  3. The cool season 

The seasons names can be a bit misguiding as few people from the Northern hemisphere would ever call the weather in Bangkok “cool”, nor is the rainy season so freakishly rainy throughout. If you are used to tropical weather you know that the rainy season brings rain showers, sometimes quite heavy, in between the sunshine; and that “cool” weather basically means less hot on a very hot scale

The hot season stretches from March until June, then the Monsoon sweeps in over the city and lasts until October. Between November and February - which is the most popular time to visit Thailand - is the “cool” season. 


Monsoon rain is not the same type of rain that we up here in the Northern part of the world are used to. A Monsoon rain can pass by really fast, or last for days, but what is really most significant about it is that it is heavy - there’s a lot of water involved

Bangkok sometimes get flooded during the Monsoon period so if you’re planning a visit to Bangkok during this period you should have a somewhat flexible travel plan


The temperature in Bangkok rarely drops beneath 30 C, no matter what month or time of day it is. When it’s hot, however, it gets really hot, so for whoever intends to visit Bangkok, be prepared for heat