Phuket - Cuisine

Thai food usually doesn’t require a detailed presentation, most of us know what it’s about. It’s spicy and full of taste, crunchy, smooth and absolutely fabulous. You probably have an excellent idea about what Thai food tastes like even if you’ve never set foot in Thailand. The secret seems to lie in how you combine simple ingredients. The cooking of Thai food is usually quick, but how it’s done seems to be close to an art form. 

Phuket food

There are a few dishes, and cooking methods that are unique for Phuket

  1. Fried or boiled noodles served with chicken or pork
  2. Khanom Jin - a kind of noodle based breakfast dish including hot curry and fresh veggies 

 There is an abundance of both cashews and pineapples on Phuket so these ingredients are very common.

Restaurants on Phuket

In general, the food on Phuket is quite cosmopolitan and it doesn’t really surprise anyone. Especially in Patong you will find restaurants serving foods from all over the world - often run by non-Thai people. You won’t need to miss anything when it comes to food when in Phuket. Having said that you will also find a great number of excellent Thai restaurants here.

When it gets down to quality and pricing there is high as well as low on Phuket; something for all tastes and wallets. You can eat at fancy restaurants and pay accordingly or you can grab a cheese burger at McDonalds. The many possibilities make eating here quite interesting